I want a demo version of a product. How can I get it?

To get a demo version of a product go to "Products" page using the navigation menu on top of the page, then locate the desired product. Press the download button corresponding to desired product. A demo version of the product will be downloaded on your computer if the product is a commercial product. If the product is free, then the full version will be downloaded on your machine.

How long can I use the demo version?

You can use the demo version as long as you want. The downside of the demo version is that you can not receive updates and you will not have all the features.
Using demo version will also trigger notifications which reminds you that the product is a demo version.

If I bought Elements of Nature can I give it to my friend/girlfriend/brother... ?

No you should not. The license for Elements Of Nature is for 1 PC only. You can try to share it but it will not work.

I bought the product, but I do not want it any more. Can I get my money back?

The commercial products came in demo or trial version at the beginning so you have plenty of time to test and decide if you like the product. If the program is a trial version and you need more time to decide if you want the full version, you can ask a longer trial period. Just send us a message from contact page. You can use the demo versions as long as you want.
You will not receive your money back once you bought the license for the product since you can't guarantee us that you deleted the license and you will not use the product any more.

Can I use Elements Of Nature on my android?

No. Elements Of Nature was built to run on Windows platform only. It is possible that future versions will run on android also since it is Java based, so you should check our products in the future!

I installed Elements of Nature and it says it is a demo version. What should I do to get the full version?

To get the full version you will have to buy a license. To do that follow these baby steps:
  1. Open "Elements Of Nature"
  2. Right click on the clock and press "Options". The "General settings page" will show up. There will be a green long number displayed and a "Copy" button.
  3. Press the copy button. This will copy the number onto your system clipboard.
  4. Press the "Buy full version" button. You will be redirected to the product page on
  5. Scroll down to the bottom of the page. You will see the "BUY NOW" button.
  6. Before you press the "BUY NOW" button, paste the code you copied, in the PN (Program number) text box. We will use this number to generate your unique license file.
  7. Press the "BUY NOW" button. You will now be redirected to the PayPall system.
  8. Follow the steps to finalize the purchase.
  9. You will receive an email with your license file. Do not lose the license file. You will need it in case you uninstall and reinstall the software.
  10. Save the license file to your PC.
  11. Open Elements Of Nature if it is not running already. Right click on the clock, then press options.
  12. Press "Enter license file" button. Navigate to the license file you just downloaded from your email. Press open. The software will restart.
Congratulations, you have the full version of the product! If this was not helpful please watch the video tutorial on Elements Of Nature's description page.

I installed Elements Of Nature and it asks me to enter API key? What is API key and where should I get one?

The API key is a code used by Element Of Nature to get weather data from
Elements Of Nature uses's FREE services

To get your API key from follow these baby steps:
  1. Launch "Elements Of Nature"
  2. When it asks for API code press "Cancel." This will redirect you to the new account page of
  3. Fill in your username, email and chose a password, then press "Register"
  4. Yu will receive an email message on the email address you used to register. Open the email and confirm the account by pressing the link.
  5. You are now redirected to the again, and logged into your account. Press "My account" on the menu above.
  6. Press Get API key
  7. Select free Local Weather and enter "Elements Of Nature" as application name.
  8. Copy the received key.
  9. Open "Elements Of Nature". When asked for API key paste it. Press ok.
Congratulations, you can now use the product! If this was not helpful please watch the video tutorial on Elements Of Nature's description page.

How do I make Elements Of Nature to use my own wallpapers according to weather conditions?

Follow these baby steps:
  1. Right click on clock and select "Options"
  2. Go to "Weather Settings" tab.
  3. Make sure that "Change desktop wallpaper according to weather conditions" checkbox is checked
  4. Chose the way the wallpaper will be displayed from the dropdown.
  5. Select a folder containing wallpapers for each type of weather by pressing the browse button next to each type of weather
TIP: If the folder you selected for a certain type of weather contains 2 more folders nammed "day" and "night" then Elements Of Nature will get wallpapers from "day" folder if it is day and will take the wallpapers from "night" folder if it is night.
If this was not helpful please watch the video tutorial on Elements Of Nature's description page.